Pillars of the Veil

D&D Session Recap

The party discovered a seemingly personable street magician by the name of Mikah. He was offering to show them some magic and then decided to come along in an effort to leave town since he was not being allowed to leave town because of the guards. He accompanied the party as they talked with Max about the White Dragon and what they can do to help.

Their discussions with Max gave them approval to leave town and investigate to the north east, where the dragon was last seen and burned the small farming village located their. Ganthet chimed in that the story didn’t make sense, White dragons are known for ice, not fire.

The party ventured to the north east, but not before being attacked by some seemingly strange looking animals on the road to the village. No one was harmed in the battle, but it seems that Max’s warning about affected creatures in this world was true.



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