Pillars of the Veil

D&D Session Recap

The party began their day fully rested in Fallcrest. They quickly discover that Fallcrest has been taken over by a team of soldiers led by a man known as “Max”. They all have the same symbol on a broach that they wear. They ventured into town and looked for changes in their town and anything of note.

After some events in a local bar, they stumbled upon a large gathering in a courtyard. A man is giving a talk to the townspeople that they were attacked last night and 2 of their men slaughtered. They say they don’t know who attacked them, but they were looking for the men (they estimate 5 men) and were taking new recruits to help with the search. The man explains that with the emergence of dragons lately, the outside world has gone crazy and wild animals and rogue gangs attack the village. The townspeople are clearly angry about the situation and several volunteer during the speech to become a member of the town. To further rally people, the man shows 2 heads of slain men (one the person the adventurer’s actually killed the night before and the other, a seemingly random human) and says “They left their bodies in disgrace”. The party clearly knows this is a lie, but the townspeople are eating it up and several more join the ranks.

Also while looking around town the party finds out that the town religion has been replaced by a new temple and people in black cloaks. They probe the local church for more information, and don’t find anything particularly bad about them, but do hate them simply because of their possibly association with the other world.

There are many notices around town regarding the search for a white dragon that has apparently caused some damage to the town. A 2000 gold reward is being offered for the death of the dragon as well as a house in Fallcrest.



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