Pillars of the Veil

D&D Session Recap

The adventurers stabbed the vampire in the heart with a silver arrow and pressed all of the buttons. (reset the traps, killed Oakley, Kevin saw a vision, moved the stairs both up and down, and opened the wall) Once downstairs they found the people they thought they were looking for. They went through some people’s stuff and got some silvered weapons. Next they used the stairs that go up and found themselves in the plains just before the pit. After a bit of a discussion about where to go, the party decided to venture towards Averish.

On their way to Averish, they rested and the next day ran into a small collective of 5 casters wearing black cloaks. They spent a few seconds talking to them, but then attacked and killed all but one of the members. They searched their bodies and wrestled with what to do with the prisoner they decided to use him to get them to averish, but will kill him when they return. (Luckily the human they took knew Elfish, so he picked up on some of the words and has a good idea what they’re going to do). The cleric tended to his wounds and off they ventured to the Cave of Vision.

They debated with whether to go into the cave of vision or not, and also debated with whether to sleep in the cave or not. They finally managed to rest, but noticed the cave appeared to change for them. They got in and fought a mimic, which to the guide seemed like just a stalagmite. After fighting the mimic, Shivetya found a shimmering weapon of great power (+1 Celestial Muttering Rapier) and equipped it.



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