Pillars of the Veil

D&D Session Recap

The party moved on to the next chamber, with the Druid starting off going into the chamber by himself disguised as a rat. He was attacked as a rat and quickly scurried back, but wasn’t followed. He told the party and they charged into the next chamber, where they fought a Wight and a Wraith. In a chamber full of corpses. Birch took some minor damage, and is now down by 8 max hit points and one other character (Ashar?) took some max hit point damage as well. After dropping these 2 enemies, a ghastly left leg dropped from the final kill. They spent some time checking out all the corpses and found 12 silver daggers, a silver rapier, a silver quarterstaff, 2 spell books, a journal (from an elf wizard), 300gp, 2 rubies (50gp each), and 2 emeralds (25gp each).

Next the party wandered down a very very long hallway, each few feet more and more candles showed on the wall and the Rogue found 6 traps in the hallway. (1st – Spike trap from the ceiling, 2nd – Fire trap, 3rd – Acid trap, 4th – Necrotic trap (did not find out what it was), 5th – Arrow trap, 6th – Trapfinder trap). Shivetya disabled all the traps, including the final trap, that triggered when the trap was disarmed, while holding the trap he realized what it did, and decided to roll back as the trap triggered. The trap caused an entire 30 × 30 foot area to fall (100ft) into a pit of spikes. Luckily no one was killed by the trap. All traps reset when a button in the Vampire’s coffin is triggered.

After going through the hallway, they found a very accommodating elven vampire. They were able to recognize it as undead, but spoke with it anyways. She welcomed them to her chamber and asked what brought them to her. They mentioned they were looking for some people, but could only point out a name (Oakley) and that he was an older fellow. She mentioned some details about this person and offered to take the party to them if they gave her some gold. Several people threw gold at her (Cleric threw all of his gold, Shivetya agreed to 250 (?) and then threw it up in the air and attacked her). A fight emerged and she tried to dominate Shivetya twice and failed both times. She then attacked the cleric and the paladin several times, but did not manage to kill them before she fell. She turned to mist and traveled back into her coffin, where she is regenerating.



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