Pillars of the Veil

D&D Session Recap

The group checked out the house of the very messy old hags, they didn’t find much just some random weapons and such since the place was such a mess. They also found a few spell components needed for some of their spells inside the house. Jimmy’s Druid fetched some herbs and a small bushel of poison from the old hag’s herb gardens and the team went on their way. Shivetya spent a little extra time in the house and found (3) silver tipped arrows.

They journeyed back to the path from where they came and happened upon an Orc heading towards the cave, Shivetya and Jimmy’s character stalked the orc and stealthily walked behind him for quite some ways. The orc saw them just prior to entering the cave and went in. The 2 stalking members of the party went in and saw him crying over the body of the dead child. Shivetya saw him reaching for his weapon and shot him with an arrow, killing him instantly. The orc’s body fell over the crib. Shivetya searched the body and found some trinkets as well as searched the crib fluff again and found a Capital ‘R’ in the crib, which could fit with his earlier find of a flyer that looked like Ruane’s caravan. The party left the cave and headed back on their quest. The day came to a close and just before heading to bed, the Druid noticed an odd, yet familiar, sound. He heard wolves howling and he and Shivetya decided to check out the noise. They walked an hour and a half out of the way and up a mountain, and eventually found 3 wolves. One was clearly a leader and the 2 others appeared to be members of his pact. The druid used his druidic animal influence powers (as well as some rations) to temporarily tame the wolves. The night went by uneventfully.

The following morning the party hit the trail again. They passed a dead warrior on the way, in his hand a dagger rusted with age. They found nothing of note on his body. Eventually they happened upon 2 slug-like creatures who seemed quite curious of the party. Shivetya saw an old dead adventurer behind a crevice in the mountain and saw his gear was rusted and put together that the slugs were not friendly. He tried to convince the party to leave, but to no avail. The slugs managed to corrode the Paladin’s armor and Shivetya’s sword, doing minor damage to both. The party managed to kill the 2 rust monsters, but one of their wolf allies died during the battle. The druid and the wolves mourned the loss of their ally/friend. Shivetya risked his own and the Paladin’s life while trying to grab an ornate dagger that was being used to distract the rust monsters. He got it back, but it was worth much less (I think I quoted a price of 150gp retail).

After the rust monsters, the party continued onwards, reaching the Chasm by ‘dusk’. Walking along Chasm as a guide, they try to find some sort of clue of what they’re looking for. They indeed find it, at 100 yards out as 15 zombies all huddle around the side of the Chasm. Shivetya launches volley after volley of arrows, taking down as many as he can, what’s left gets stuck in the web spell cast by the druid (? or was it wizard?) and are quickly taken care of. The Paladin uses a channel divinity to destroy the first undead he sees, perhaps acting a bit brashly but turning the very zombie to dust.

After looking around a bit, the party notices a cliff below (cued by the Paladins keen sense of undead an evil) and begins to fashion a way to get down it. It is about 50 feet down, but it’s far enough that everyone takes proper precautions. The druid turns into a small rat and rides down on the Shivetya’s shoulder, but the rogue has to jump off at the last second and the druid barely manages to make it down alive. Everyone else has similar issues heading down, but they all make it with just a few scrapes and bruises.

From this ledge they can see a cave. The druid heads down the cave in rat form and sees the following – 3 zombies in a first chamber, 8 skeletons in a 2nd chamber, and 2 sarcophagi in a third. He turned back around after this for fear of being caught. The party took out the 3 zombies with ease, using the zombies low intelligence and the cave entrance for a terrain advantage. When the zombies had fallen, the final zombie turned into a rotting right leg. The skeletons fell with similar ease, although a few of the party took some decent damage. When the final zombie fell it turned into a skeletal left arm. Then the party came to the sarcophagi, and while nothing happened in this room, the paladin (and the others) decided to intentionally wake the undead that slept in the sarcophagi. When the paladin went over to the first tomb, the door was kicked over as he went to open it, falling onto the paladin knocking him prone and doing extreme damage. The mummies proved to be a very tough enemy, forcing the Paladin to use his final Turn Undead divinity to vanquish the last mummy. Unfortunately for him, one of the mummies managed to curse him with mummy rot, cursing him to doom without the aid of healing. When the mummies were defeated, the last mummy turned into a wrapped and mummified right arm.

D&D Session Recap

The group began to attack the humans keeping the wizard. The paladin tried to tank 3 humans and failed, falling several times but never dying. After a couple of rounds another human came from the woods and said “We found another one” and after seeing the fight dropped the halfling cleric on the ground and ran into battle. He was joined by one more ally and the fight was on. Lenna escaped from her restraints but was unable to be useful in combat, missing once and then being knocked unconscious again. The halfling cleric stabilized and missed the entire battle. After the party had slaughtered the humans, they took refuge in their house and discussed plans with lenna after reviving her and the cleric.

The woman introduced herself as “Lenna” and explained that she summoned the adventurers because she herself was summoned to the aid of another, Devin. She said she didn’t have many details of their quest, but instead told them to head towards the Great Chasm to find her old party who were “Attacked by undead and captured”. The party pressed for more details, but she had none. She mentioned their initial quest was to find the Lost Knights of Gardmore Abbey and mentioned 2 paladins which caused the paladin in the group to perk up. After hearing that they were loyal to Bahamut he quieted back down. After resting in the now abandoned house and getting to know each other a bit. The party head out in the morning after a fresh made meat breakfast cooked by Shivetya. Pror to leaving, they asked Lenna if she could provide any help in the quest and she gave them on potion of healing. Checking the bodies of the humans they killed, the party found a couple of flyers (one a bounty poster for Lenna, the other a Flyer with a snowflake on it which states “Evalyn is watching you, be on your best behavior”

The first day of travels was fairly quiet, the party found a sack of gold (200gp) which came with a not that said “For my dearest Karen, may this help you get through the hard times ahead”.

Day 2 was exceptionalyl uneventfully, but when they had to make camp for the night chose an uncomfortable location and lost some HP due to lack of comfort.

Day 3 got a little messy. The party was ambushed by some orcs and an ogre, but managed to fight them off. The paladin dropped a few times but was able to regain his composure and singlehandedly knocked off the Ogre’s head. After resting a little bit outside of the camp, the part investigated where the Orcs suprised them from and found an Orc baby in a crib and a human child in a cage. They checked the area for lootables first and then discussed what to do with the children. While checking out the orc child’s crib, Shivetya was bit by the Orc and shot it in the face with an arrow, killing it instantly. He found some torn up flyers matching what he had seen before and 20 gold. In addition he saw a poster showing a green roof supported by 4 beams (green, blue, black, and white) which said “Abide by the 4 Tenets, Cylar is watching”. The party reluctantly decided to try and find a location to take the baby due to the halfling Cleric’s insistence that they party not leave the child to die

While traveling, Shivetya pieced together some of the pieces to 2 additional flyers. One a black clenched fist which said “Do unto others” above the fist and “For Geralt has seen everything” below the fist.

After traveling out of the way for about 2 hours, the party came across a small hobble in the plains. In front was a young human lady tending to her herbs. After some kind talking regarding who she was and what she was doing out here, most of the party trusted her. The cleric asked if she might be able to help find a home for this child they found and handed the child to her. The druid checked out the herbs to see what she was growing, and none of them seemed dangerous at all. Shivetya mentioned something about her hair shimmering and the lady confessed that she was a dwarf who had been using illusion to cover her true nature due to people’s lack of acceptance of dwarves in the area. The Dwarf Paladin asked her for her name and when she replied with only “Olga” called her a liar who must not be a dwarf because she has no clan name. The lady, seeing the hostility in the group, responded by snapping the childs’s neck and lifted her illusion, revealing an old green hag. She was joined by 2 others and the party did not have much trouble dispensing of the old ladies and the session ended there

D&D Session Recap

The party each got a unique letter addressed specifically to them-
Ruane has not forgotten you, go to Raven Roost at sundown today to find your answers.
You’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of your knowledge. Be at Raven Roost today at sundown to embark on a journey of knowledge no other wizard has had the chance to discover.
Haven’t you been idling long enough? Be at Raven Roost today at sundown, to finally do something for this cursed land.
For your honor, and your god, be at Raven Roost by sundown today to help the weak and help keep evil at bay.

Each character went to Raven Roost. Shivetya camped in a tree and checked out the tower, while the druid turned into a bird and kept watch. The wizard and paladin rode together in his cart, although didn’t discuss much

Each character met with a slender man who was the one running the show, he told them it’d be ready shortly and to sit and wait for a bit. They could check out anything they wanted, just could not go upstairs. After a bit of a wait (Wizard and Paladin played a dice game called “The 10 bones” or something. Game objective was to roll a central die, then each player gets their own die, each player rolls and tries to meet or beat the central die. If they do, they get one of 10 “tokens” from the center. Player with the most tokens after the tokens run out wins. ) they are invited upstairs to a tournament. They each were given one of 3 colors that matched to a colored “challenge” the challenge was to fight the others in their area and be the last man standing or demonstrate skill in some way. All 4 killed those that were in the chambers around them with the only exception being a single human competitor that Shivetya chose not to kill (knocked out).

After winning the tournament they players were told to wait until midnight when their prize would be given to them. Shivetya and the druid did not wait, instead they secretly followed the Human and the tournament leader to where they met with someone privately and prior to the meeting discussed the 2 grand in gold they were about to make. Shivetya upon hearing about the gold and seeing the mysterious man meet and give them something and leave, shot and killed the human next to the leader. The leader then showed he was unarmed and requested not to be hurt. He bribed the group to leave them alone for an ornate dagger and some gold.

Shivetya and the druid walked back, only to find some people preparing the tower. After a bit of waiting and talking about the events that just occured, the party was invited upstairs to claim their prizes. All 4 went up and all 4 opened their treasure chests. Shivetya waited until last to open his chest after noticing that the other 3 appeared “frozen in time”. He wrote a note and left it on one of the other character’s shoulders. The note said “I know this is a trick, but I’m going along anyways just to see what happens”.

After all 4 chests were opened the party was teleported to another area that seemed very dark and dismal. In each of their chests were the words “Sorry for the deception, please see the wizard for more details”. Unfortunately, when they arrived, there was a mess of blood on the ground and no signs of a wizard. After tracking the blood through the woods and drawing a map of their area, they found their way to a little house in the middle of a forest clearing. They talked with the owner of the house for a bit and eventually found that he was keeping a person hostage inside his home. In addition he had several allies with him in his house as well (6 in total including him) The owner explained that the lady was a heretic and that she was to be escorted to the King of Averish for punishment. After talking with both the owner and the hostage (who’s name has yet to be revealed), they decided to travel with the group to the north where the king is. The hostage revealed that some of her teleportation magic caused 46 people from Averish to disappear. After getting outside the house however, the rogue tried to fake that he was afraid of a large noise coming from the woods (A fake sound created by the druid) and ran away into the woods. After about 20 seconds of hiding in the woods, Shivetya started taking shots with his bow to try and weed out the group. This angered the group and they attacked the adventurers.


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