Pillars of the Veil

D&D Session Recap

The group checked out the house of the very messy old hags, they didn’t find much just some random weapons and such since the place was such a mess. They also found a few spell components needed for some of their spells inside the house. Jimmy’s Druid fetched some herbs and a small bushel of poison from the old hag’s herb gardens and the team went on their way. Shivetya spent a little extra time in the house and found (3) silver tipped arrows.

They journeyed back to the path from where they came and happened upon an Orc heading towards the cave, Shivetya and Jimmy’s character stalked the orc and stealthily walked behind him for quite some ways. The orc saw them just prior to entering the cave and went in. The 2 stalking members of the party went in and saw him crying over the body of the dead child. Shivetya saw him reaching for his weapon and shot him with an arrow, killing him instantly. The orc’s body fell over the crib. Shivetya searched the body and found some trinkets as well as searched the crib fluff again and found a Capital ‘R’ in the crib, which could fit with his earlier find of a flyer that looked like Ruane’s caravan. The party left the cave and headed back on their quest. The day came to a close and just before heading to bed, the Druid noticed an odd, yet familiar, sound. He heard wolves howling and he and Shivetya decided to check out the noise. They walked an hour and a half out of the way and up a mountain, and eventually found 3 wolves. One was clearly a leader and the 2 others appeared to be members of his pact. The druid used his druidic animal influence powers (as well as some rations) to temporarily tame the wolves. The night went by uneventfully.

The following morning the party hit the trail again. They passed a dead warrior on the way, in his hand a dagger rusted with age. They found nothing of note on his body. Eventually they happened upon 2 slug-like creatures who seemed quite curious of the party. Shivetya saw an old dead adventurer behind a crevice in the mountain and saw his gear was rusted and put together that the slugs were not friendly. He tried to convince the party to leave, but to no avail. The slugs managed to corrode the Paladin’s armor and Shivetya’s sword, doing minor damage to both. The party managed to kill the 2 rust monsters, but one of their wolf allies died during the battle. The druid and the wolves mourned the loss of their ally/friend. Shivetya risked his own and the Paladin’s life while trying to grab an ornate dagger that was being used to distract the rust monsters. He got it back, but it was worth much less (I think I quoted a price of 150gp retail).

After the rust monsters, the party continued onwards, reaching the Chasm by ‘dusk’. Walking along Chasm as a guide, they try to find some sort of clue of what they’re looking for. They indeed find it, at 100 yards out as 15 zombies all huddle around the side of the Chasm. Shivetya launches volley after volley of arrows, taking down as many as he can, what’s left gets stuck in the web spell cast by the druid (? or was it wizard?) and are quickly taken care of. The Paladin uses a channel divinity to destroy the first undead he sees, perhaps acting a bit brashly but turning the very zombie to dust.

After looking around a bit, the party notices a cliff below (cued by the Paladins keen sense of undead an evil) and begins to fashion a way to get down it. It is about 50 feet down, but it’s far enough that everyone takes proper precautions. The druid turns into a small rat and rides down on the Shivetya’s shoulder, but the rogue has to jump off at the last second and the druid barely manages to make it down alive. Everyone else has similar issues heading down, but they all make it with just a few scrapes and bruises.

From this ledge they can see a cave. The druid heads down the cave in rat form and sees the following – 3 zombies in a first chamber, 8 skeletons in a 2nd chamber, and 2 sarcophagi in a third. He turned back around after this for fear of being caught. The party took out the 3 zombies with ease, using the zombies low intelligence and the cave entrance for a terrain advantage. When the zombies had fallen, the final zombie turned into a rotting right leg. The skeletons fell with similar ease, although a few of the party took some decent damage. When the final zombie fell it turned into a skeletal left arm. Then the party came to the sarcophagi, and while nothing happened in this room, the paladin (and the others) decided to intentionally wake the undead that slept in the sarcophagi. When the paladin went over to the first tomb, the door was kicked over as he went to open it, falling onto the paladin knocking him prone and doing extreme damage. The mummies proved to be a very tough enemy, forcing the Paladin to use his final Turn Undead divinity to vanquish the last mummy. Unfortunately for him, one of the mummies managed to curse him with mummy rot, cursing him to doom without the aid of healing. When the mummies were defeated, the last mummy turned into a wrapped and mummified right arm.



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