Pillars of the Veil

D&D Session Recap

The party each got a unique letter addressed specifically to them-
Ruane has not forgotten you, go to Raven Roost at sundown today to find your answers.
You’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of your knowledge. Be at Raven Roost today at sundown to embark on a journey of knowledge no other wizard has had the chance to discover.
Haven’t you been idling long enough? Be at Raven Roost today at sundown, to finally do something for this cursed land.
For your honor, and your god, be at Raven Roost by sundown today to help the weak and help keep evil at bay.

Each character went to Raven Roost. Shivetya camped in a tree and checked out the tower, while the druid turned into a bird and kept watch. The wizard and paladin rode together in his cart, although didn’t discuss much

Each character met with a slender man who was the one running the show, he told them it’d be ready shortly and to sit and wait for a bit. They could check out anything they wanted, just could not go upstairs. After a bit of a wait (Wizard and Paladin played a dice game called “The 10 bones” or something. Game objective was to roll a central die, then each player gets their own die, each player rolls and tries to meet or beat the central die. If they do, they get one of 10 “tokens” from the center. Player with the most tokens after the tokens run out wins. ) they are invited upstairs to a tournament. They each were given one of 3 colors that matched to a colored “challenge” the challenge was to fight the others in their area and be the last man standing or demonstrate skill in some way. All 4 killed those that were in the chambers around them with the only exception being a single human competitor that Shivetya chose not to kill (knocked out).

After winning the tournament they players were told to wait until midnight when their prize would be given to them. Shivetya and the druid did not wait, instead they secretly followed the Human and the tournament leader to where they met with someone privately and prior to the meeting discussed the 2 grand in gold they were about to make. Shivetya upon hearing about the gold and seeing the mysterious man meet and give them something and leave, shot and killed the human next to the leader. The leader then showed he was unarmed and requested not to be hurt. He bribed the group to leave them alone for an ornate dagger and some gold.

Shivetya and the druid walked back, only to find some people preparing the tower. After a bit of waiting and talking about the events that just occured, the party was invited upstairs to claim their prizes. All 4 went up and all 4 opened their treasure chests. Shivetya waited until last to open his chest after noticing that the other 3 appeared “frozen in time”. He wrote a note and left it on one of the other character’s shoulders. The note said “I know this is a trick, but I’m going along anyways just to see what happens”.

After all 4 chests were opened the party was teleported to another area that seemed very dark and dismal. In each of their chests were the words “Sorry for the deception, please see the wizard for more details”. Unfortunately, when they arrived, there was a mess of blood on the ground and no signs of a wizard. After tracking the blood through the woods and drawing a map of their area, they found their way to a little house in the middle of a forest clearing. They talked with the owner of the house for a bit and eventually found that he was keeping a person hostage inside his home. In addition he had several allies with him in his house as well (6 in total including him) The owner explained that the lady was a heretic and that she was to be escorted to the King of Averish for punishment. After talking with both the owner and the hostage (who’s name has yet to be revealed), they decided to travel with the group to the north where the king is. The hostage revealed that some of her teleportation magic caused 46 people from Averish to disappear. After getting outside the house however, the rogue tried to fake that he was afraid of a large noise coming from the woods (A fake sound created by the druid) and ran away into the woods. After about 20 seconds of hiding in the woods, Shivetya started taking shots with his bow to try and weed out the group. This angered the group and they attacked the adventurers.



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